The unique, cost-effective effluent water treatment solution


An all-in-one solution, engineered to transform AMD effluent and other water – characterised by pollution, hard water, acidic pH levels, and water-borne diseases – into safe water.

Suitable for the treatment of all water sources across South Africa.


Maru-A-Pula’s technological partner, Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd, exclusively supplies Maru-A-Pula with various combinations of product and bacteria.

All products are superior to those relied on by Maru-A-Pula’s competitors, due to each product containing Marine 3/or M3T – Mosmart Investments’ worldwide patented, environmentally-friendly surfactant – which inter alia breaks down substances that do not easily blend or break down in water, and greatly reduces hardness of water, resulting in safe water.

Like the products, the bacteria are eco-friendly, and assist in breaking down waste.

The products and bacteria include:

Aqua-Shock, which is an acidic effluent treatment solution incorporating Marine 3 – Mosmart Investments’ patented surfactant.

Advantages of the product include the fact that it significantly increases the pH of waste/or polluted water; greatly accelerates the settlement time of materials suspended in waste/or polluted water; causes particles to agglomerate together in order to gain weight so that unwanted suspended, and sometimes dissolved, solids will drop out of the solution and can be separated from the water, leaving clean water; is cost-effective; greatly reduces hardness of the water; enhances flocculation of suspended solids out of the solution; has high solubility; and is of consistent quality – unlike, for instance, lime treatment solutions.

Flokkit, which is an organic polymer incorporating the patented surfactant, Marine 3.

As a flocculant, the product assists in binding solids, but offers the additional advantage of accelerated drop rates compared to competitive flocculants. The product is cost-effective.

Moscrobes, which are harmless bacteria that have been scientifically selected for the biological performance in the breaking down process of sewerage and other organic waste.

The bacteria eradicate water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery and thyphoid; prevent mosquito and black fly larvae from maturing; and prevent water contamination.


AMD effluent and/or other water will be continually treated with Aqua-Shock, using an on-site automated dosing system;

Flokkit will thereafter be added to the AMD effluent and/or other water for purposes of separating most of the organic and suspended solids contained therein; and

The addition of Moscrobes will be at the discretion of our specialists.

Depending on the desired outcome, the result can be safe and/or potable water.

In order to effectively implement the solution, Maru-A-Pula will supply:

The required products and bacteria; and

If required, the necessary equipment and machinery to effectively transform the AMD effluent and/or other water.



  • Extremely cost-efficient AMD effluent and/or other water treatment solutions.
  • Turn-key solution.
  • Far more effective than treating water with lime solutions.
  • High quality, safe water and, if required, potable water.
  • Superior quality to lime treatments.
  • Much safer water.
  • Eradication of water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery and typhoid.
  • Prevention of mosquito and black fly larvae from maturing.
  • Prevention of water contamination.
  • Environmentally-friendly products used.
  • Easy to control, test and maintain.
  • Community upliftment through skills transfer.
  • Job creation for communities.
  • Improved quality of life for communities.