pH of sample water
(pH 2.84)

Water treated with
lime (pH 5.76)

Water treated with product containing
Marine 3 (pH 7.8)


Simplifying water treatment


Maru-A-Pula offers extremely cost-effective and time-efficient AMD effluent and other water treatment solutions for any water source across South Africa.

This is made possible by Maru-A-Pula’s reliance on patented products of its technological partner, Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd, which are exclusively supplied to Maru-A-Pula.

Through the use of Mosmart Investments’ products – which contain Marine 3, Mosmart’s patented surfactant – as well as bacteria, Maru-A-Pula is able to transform any water source.

Our process of transforming water is extremely effective, quick and simple, thereby outstripping Maru-A-Pula’s competitors which offer less-effective and time-consuming solutions, such as lime treatments.

The solution also out-performs Maru-A-Pula’s competitors from a cost perspective, which is made possible through both the structuring of the solution as well as Maru-A-Pula’s reliance on Mosmart Investments’ unique products.

Maru-A-Pula offers a turn-key solution for your water transformation requirements.

It is evident that our unique AMD effluent and other water treatment solutions can revolutionize water quality and quality of life; and at the same time, cut costs and accelerate transformation of water to a potable standard.

Key benefits of our AMD effluent and other water treatment solutions.


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